Board4All Forum’s IP Address and Database Leaked

This is an UPDATE regarding the Board4All forum Hack and only contains links to an existing NEWS POST.

There appears to be a new update. If you did not read it already, I suggest that you do:

User “Bl4ckCyb3rEnigm4” Sells Off B4A Details

All of us know how the user “Bl4ckCyb3rEnigm4” manipulates the admins of various warez and pirated software forums by engaging in long conversations with them via private messengers and pretending to show them “vulnerabilities” in their hosting servers and forum software, while in reality, just fulfilling his aim of getting into the forum as the forum STAFF so that he would then have access to all the users’ details as well as full control of the forum.

This time, it appears that he went a bit further and actually SOLD of the Board4All forum database to buyers in underground forums yesterday, where the B4A forum database now remains available for download for free!

The user “Stingered” is also inplicated quite strongly in this leak.

“Stingered” The Two-faced Hypocrite Questions Challenger’s Lineage and Parentage

Today, Stingered was caught red-handed claiming that Katie was not Challenger’s daughter and that Challenger’s father was not who everyone “officially” thought to be, effectively saying that the Board4All admin Challenger is an illegitimate son!

It is well known and can be very easily from the posts on this thread that the user “Stingered” maintains several duplicate accounts, which he uses to create posts and then use each of the duplicate accounts to “like” the posts made by his other dup accounts, to give the viewers the false impression that his posts are well received and liked by the community.

Some of the duplicate accounts of the user “Stingered” include:


among many others.

Stingered most recently tried to show his double faced hypocritical nature by trying to speak ill of the Team-IRA forum.

After it was pointed out that “Stingered” himself owned an account at the TIRA forum, where he has made several posts of his own and also downloaded a lot of valuable content from, he seemed to be utterly upset and remained silent for a day and a half before coming online and venting his fury by claiming that the person who exposed his two-faced hypocritical nature on the Exetools forum was trying to “harass” him (“Stingered”).

This is the user Stingered’s profile on TIRA forum:

“Stingered” typically has a modus operandi of engaging in long talks via private messengers with the forum admins with the aim of currying flavor with them and gaining more privileged access to the forum(s).

Stingered was exposed to have done just that in the past with the admins of Board4All and the TIRA forums in order to gain access to exclusive content, before he was banned from the forum for leaking and selling that content elsewhere.

Meanwhile the present status of the Board4All forum and the reasons for the forum being down is summarized in this post (or archived, post 25 here)

MartinAero aka Sven Ericsson: Sells Info Leaked from Board4All


If you did not read this already, please check out my news page from yesterday:

As it is well known by, the once-popular warez forum underwent a massive security compromise last month leaving it down for the whole of last month.
Details of many of its users, mostly sellers of cracked software was publicly sold and released on many underground forums.

One such prolific seller of cracked software and user data is an user who goes by the nickname “MartinAero“.
He also uses many other nicknames including Per Eriks, PhoenixCA, Ericcson and so on.


MartinAero aka Ericsson
Sven Ericsson
Tallkrogsv 2, ENSKEDE 12263, Sweden

MartinAero is a well known cracked software (warez) seller on various underground sites, including on Board4All.

Board4All Forum Latest Update from Forum Staff

This is the latest official update about the Board4All forum from the main forum owner ZEUS:

Board4All Forum Latest Update: December 2022

Don’t forget to read this old post of mine as well:

Board4All HACKED: Forum Members Arrested Across the Globe

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WARNING: Beware of the User HOOK aka HOOKAHICE aka CrystalBoy

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Board4All HACKED: Forum Members Arrested Across the Globe

Read these first:

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Calling All Banned Board4All Members!

The biggest news rocking the illegal warez forums all over the internet over the past few days is the way in which the massive hacks of the Board4All forum were orchestrated last week in such a way so as to leak out the intimate identifying details of all the contributors to that illegal forum where money laundering and illegal porn sales is an ongoing regular activity under the close supervision of people like TonyWeb (yeah, that’s yours truly :p )

Sad as it all sounds, it is indeed a fact, which has been covered in much greater detail here on another site:


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Don’t forget to check this post first:

Board4All is one trash place which has gone to the dogs. See how intelligently I get LIKES by simply posting some nonsense pics in the jokes thread? 😀

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Calling All Banned Board4All Members!

Board4All is a screwed up place where the headstrong and arrogant admins with no respect for their members ban them at their whim and fancy. Leave them and join me. You will get paid too.

Here’s calling out to all the banned and insulted Board4All members to join me and show the Board4All staff what we are really made of!

If you were banned from Board4All for no reason and/or ever insulted there for no fault of yours then you are requested to make a comment below or contact me in any way with all the content that you already managed to download off from Board4All when you were a member there.

I will post it here and on other sites for the benefit of all. Of course, if you prefer it to be SOLD then I am okay with that option too.

In either case you will get paid for any and all valid content that you previously downloaded from Board4All that you offload to me. Whether you want it to be posted for free or not is entirely your decision.

If you are still a member there and not (yet) banned then know that any time and for absolutely no reason, depending on his mood, Challenger (yes, that useless moronic admin of B4A, the son of Zeus who is the actual owner of the forum) can ban you suddenly without any warning. So if you still have an account there, just keep offloading the content to us for us to post for free for the benefit of all.

You will be paid for your efforts, of course. Members with live accounts (not banned yet) will be paid a lot more than the banned ones who came licking their wounds would be.

You may want to also join a forum like TIRA ( where everyone is treated fairly and where everyone who gets banned for any reason gets a detailed explanation from the forum admin (Zeus aka Root Admin) with a chance to make amends BEFORE being actually banned.