How to Crack Hasp HL Time Dongle

First check app files on envelops (for sample use DIE), or by hand check sections names (envelops have “.protect” or “.AKS1”).
UIf no envelops – this be ok and maybe possible to solve, if are envelops – that need check login feature for envelop,
if it is expired – no luck(becouse envelops crypted by AES and without working feature impossible to decrypt it).

I remember the early versions of HASP HL envelopes (around 2005-2007) used the same AES keys in all features, so it was possible to unpack files with expired feature by forcing the software to read feature 0 instead (feature 0 was set to perpetual by default in early versions).
but, in case of SRM, there is no chance with expired feature + envelope.

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