Myriad Multi Keygen 2.3 by TonyWeb

Myriad Multi Keygen 2.3
•Myriad Advert Manager
•Myriad Anywhere
•Myriad Auto-Impor
•Myriad AutoTrack
•Myriad Monitor
•Myriad Online Co
•Myriad Playout v4
•Myriad Remote Edit Server
•Myriad News
•Myriad News Capture
•Myriad Network
•Myriad Auto Player v4
•Myriad Logging
•Myriad Advert Manager SE
•Myriad AutoTrack SE
•Myriad Playout v5
•Myriad AutoPlayer v5
•Myriad Network 3.5

Myriad 5 Playout is a radio playout and automation system built from the ground up to provide a broadcast platform for the next generation of engaging and creative radio presenters and stations.

•Completely new solution engineered from the ground up to meet the current and future needs of modern radio.
•Fully scalable from single workstation to full enterprise level solution.
•Flexible design and fully customisable interface via our Dynamic Layouts.
•Robust audio playout and creation tools designed to streamline workflows.
•Presenter focused operations developed by a team with a real world track record in making radio.
•Totally new, but with a familiar feeling for existing users.

Language : English

Home Page :

Direct download :

  1. Instructions :

    For Playout :

    1. Enter your PSQUID id
    2. Next choose “Myriad Playout v5”
    3. Click on “Patch” (all 5 checkboxes should be checked after patching)
    4. Next choose your license type
    5. Fill in your name
    6. Click on “Create”
    7. The keygen will create a .lic file. This is the file you need to load inside Playout v5 (this .lic file will enable 10 station playback and 10 split playback)


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