Cracking .NET Components

You may wonder why I have chosen this topic, why write a tutor on .net components?

Technically a .NET component is not different from an executable assembly, I mean that both are compiled to MSIL and you can usually view the source in Reflector and other tools, but when it comes to commercial components you have to understand that more and more complicated protection schemes are being implemented to protect them, and after analyzing many products I found so many points that all these components share to protect themselves.

The second reason that pushed me to write this tutor is that I couldn’t find any papers on this topic and that’s because many crackers are still not interested in this platform yet and I really don’t know why!

Today I have chosen a real target and remember that this is only the first tutor on this topic so don’t expect it to be very hard, so this is just an introduction, and later I will demonstrate harder targets.

Download it here

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