Happy New Year, Filthy Folks

Happy New Year to all the filthy folks there who enjoy my videos and my “substances”. 😉

Someone made a big news article about my sales of drugs and porn on their news site:

Well… A big middle finger to them! As if I give two hoots… In fact I will re-post that screenshot on my own blog here: 😀


Till laters…. Happy wanking everyone! 😛

I know… I want to learn unpacking… But I’m too stupid 😀

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Filthy Folks”

  1. Tony, Happy New Year.
    Please, May you post Keygen for RCS. There are some people who have it and they are selling that keygen in USD 500 and up. They are profiting at your expense. The only one who can stop them is you (share it publicly). Thanks a lot.

    1. What the f*ck is the full form of RCS? You too lazy to write even that full form?
      Wait.. Let me wipe off the cum from my fingers. Just took them out of de!’s filthy pussy!

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