How to Crack Java: For Dumbos Like Wilson Bibe

As you all know, I am the best when it comes to cracking Java (or the shrivelled granny pussy of de! πŸ˜€ )

Coming to the point… Let me treach you all a trick or two about cracking Java apps, so that you can stop begging me for the cracks. The only crack that I sell is the the powdery white variety πŸ˜€ which you can smoke while watching my “specialized” porn.

The ego levels of de! have reached to insufferable levels and she thinks that she is the best cracker around, after mastering a few little keygens here and there. She wants everyone to beg her and then she dishes out a registration key or two. Well, to save the World from bitches like her, you can count on me to leak out her work here openly!

Anyway, coming back to the Java for Wilson Bibe:

Hi wilson bibe,
you might have already checked the following, so fuck you if it’s the case.

It would be needed to take a look at the specific app (can you write here and/or PM a download link?) but, usually, if the jar you’re patching is signed (i.e. if it has *.SF and *.?SA files in META-INF subdirectory), you should remove the *.SF and *.?SA files from META-INF subdir and also remove the list of the name/sha pairs in the MANIFEST.MF file … or you can “simply” resign the jar

Another trick that only sometimes works, is to “empty” the files *.SF and *.?SA (0 byte size).

Of course the app might check if the jar is signed and/or the certificate details, try looking at “MANIFEST.MF” strings and/or occurrences of java.util.jar.Manifest and/or Cipher class’ usages.

Hope you are enjoying my special porn πŸ˜‰

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