Kid-Friendly Version of Roentgen’s Keygen

You bad boy Roentgen (previously known as “X-Ray” since he was fond of looking under the skirts of young girls), don’t you know that kids can come across your keygens?

Here’s a CLEANED version of your KEYGEN. Just a SINGLE BYTE patch was needed… F*cks fly out to you too, lol 😀

“Custom protection” it seems 😛

Needs just a ONE BYTE fix to remove that “custom protection” trash.

GROW UP @Roentgen!

I do not have time to keep removing the immature abuses from your keygens in case you decide to continue this childishness, but I hope you get the point.
GROW UP please!!!

While we are at it @Roentgen, why do you pretend to be in a very cold foreign country with all your lies of your car freezing and stuff?
All the while, when sitting splat in the middle of North India? 😀

NO ONE will be misled by your lies, lol 😀
Your immaturity shines out right through you, you know… 😀


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