[RETAIL] LOKPA Download (Light of KP Astrology) v1.2 (Latest Pre-Activated)

Home: http://bestkpastrologysoftware.com/

This software is retail version.
-Unrar and run the “Light of KP Astrology.exe” file in the folder. Thats all. You can block internet. You can run the exe file directly from the folder.

-Normally the author blackmail the buyers saying he will go to police with the photo ID card of the buyer if they leak or pirate. This copy we bought in October 2020 using the Aadhar card of doodh walla. So this is safe now. You can share this with anyone on any number of computer.
-The license checks completely patched by my friends.
The software is now giving 100% correct results after license patching. I compared and checked carefully using other software like Jyotishya Deepika. So correct results. You can also compare yourself. Everything same as Jyotishya deepika results.

-You can run in virtual machine if you want. No problem.


TORRENT and TOR-based downloads coming very soon!
So no more DMCA headaches! 😀

Pass: Lokpa-TSRh

Already activated fully and shows 100% correct results.

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