A Message to Magic aka MagicByte

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As usual… If you did not read it yet, please read this post first. It will give you a lot of background regarding the $hitty staff of B4A:

Dear @magic: Before you start to “challenge” others saying that if they have “eggs” they should face you in an open challenge, first take a good hard look at yourself.

You, @magic aka magicbyte are nothing but a worthless piece of $hit, who cannot create software but only can BREAK other authors’ hard work with your useless and silly “keygens”.

If YOU have “eggs” or better yet a BRAIN, which is actually used to THINK and create software, and THEN if someone attacks your software, it is THEN that you have a right to say something about it and/or and/or “challenge them with your stupid “do you have eggs, if so then face me” challenges!

You have such a constipated mind, @magic that you FORCE your users to listen to that 43 seconds of the crappy music which only a $shit-eater like you can love 😀

While you are not doing that, you are posting death threats on that stupid B4A forum. Don’t you have anything better to do with your life?

Wait… I am sorry @magic. I forgot that your wife and kids left you and now you are a lonely old man living all alone with nothing better to do other than threaten others.

Learn to be POSITIVE and learn to BUILD something. Not break other software authors’ works and then WAIL on top of it!

I am not sure if an imbecile like you got the point yet or not but let me say this again: learn to BUILD something, Create a nice software from your OWN EFFORT and not by breaking ANOTHER coder’s efforts and ON TOP OF WHICH, wailing like a big cry baby that “Waaa… Mama…. Someone shared my crappy keygen which plays the 43 seconds of $hitty music, on a public blog for free” 😀

It’s no wonder that you can post your pirated wares in that $hitty B4A forum only, where the admins like Challenger aka DrNil are SO CHILDISH as to create an account of another reverser and then add a childish avatar pic to it. Makes me pity you all SO MUCH 😀

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