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It seems the recent changes broke both patches’ functionality:

Both executables get cracked, but one will just crash right after being opened (x64); the other, will not be even executed at all.

just wanted to write you that, thanks to a nice hint by @kao (author of blog, I managed to find a way to trigger that behavior at will.

In my spare free time I’m trying to understand what the application is exactly checking before starting to flip the view vertically.

As far as I went with my analysis there are two “timers” (need to check if there are more than two of them) the application starts to check, when the time elapses, its integrity and/or license details (license data “spans” for different bytes in memory and some “key” bytes are verified).

Hope I can give you at least pre-patched executables to test soon.

I found the place, in this very specific app, where developer does the trick (flips vertically the text). As far as I know there’s not a “universal” way to do it for all the apps.

Content is “drawn” inside a bitmap, before being shown and, if license data is not “complete”, the bitmap is flipped and rendered this way.

I already like this developer but I am certainly smarter than him lol 😛

He’s very clever and good developer, but I managed to finally fuck him lol!

The developer actually uses some 2D Api to do the flipping.
Not exaclty “system.drawing2D” (this is not a .NET application) but their unmaneged counterparts: as you say, BitBlt and other graphics routines.

For me too graphics API(s) are indeed quite “delicate” to handle and difficult to master

If you want the latest versions they are not free. You can leave a comment and I will tell you how to pay me 😉

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