Calling All Banned Board4All Members!

Board4All is a screwed up place where the headstrong and arrogant admins with no respect for their members ban them at their whim and fancy. Leave them and join me. You will get paid too.

Here’s calling out to all the banned and insulted Board4All members to join me and show the Board4All staff what we are really made of!

If you were banned from Board4All for no reason and/or ever insulted there for no fault of yours then you are requested to make a comment below or contact me in any way with all the content that you already managed to download off from Board4All when you were a member there.

I will post it here and on other sites for the benefit of all. Of course, if you prefer it to be SOLD then I am okay with that option too.

In either case you will get paid for any and all valid content that you previously downloaded from Board4All that you offload to me. Whether you want it to be posted for free or not is entirely your decision.

If you are still a member there and not (yet) banned then know that any time and for absolutely no reason, depending on his mood, Challenger (yes, that useless moronic admin of B4A, the son of Zeus who is the actual owner of the forum) can ban you suddenly without any warning. So if you still have an account there, just keep offloading the content to us for us to post for free for the benefit of all.

You will be paid for your efforts, of course. Members with live accounts (not banned yet) will be paid a lot more than the banned ones who came licking their wounds would be.

You may want to also join a forum like TIRA ( where everyone is treated fairly and where everyone who gets banned for any reason gets a detailed explanation from the forum admin (Zeus aka Root Admin) with a chance to make amends BEFORE being actually banned.

One thought on “Calling All Banned Board4All Members!”

  1. Hi all,
    Jack Sparrow here. Also known as Hook 😉
    Or as Hookahice. Or as CrystalBoy. Or as Sparky Parrot. Or as… Well, you get the point.
    I was banned from Board4All for no reason.
    I have now set up an online store where I peacefully sell my cracked software, mainly the industrial ones.
    I can confirm that tonyweb does pay me a good share of the profits as promised.

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