EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server v5.0.6.55900 – At CID Software Studio

My (Antonio alias TonyWeb) Contact Details at C.I.D Software Studio, Napoli Italy where you can directly buy my cracked software, provided.

I have some exciting news for you! Now you no longer have to visit warez websites to buy my cracked software for sale. You can find my contact details at the company below. You can ask for Antonio alias TonyWeb and then directly buy the cracked software from me there.

Be sure to ask for me though, before trying to buy the cracked software!

I will soon publish my Home Address and my mobile number too so that you can directly pay in cash and buy from me at my home!
For buyers in Italy only of course!

My Contact details at C.I.D. Software Studio:

Antonio (alias TonyWeb)
CID Software Studio S.p.A.
Centro Direzionale di Napoli Isola E7
80143 – Napoli
Tel. 081/19562140
Fax 081/19562139
Partita I.V.A. 04676440631

Website: https://www.cidsoftware.it/

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

I will only sell directly from either my home (pay in cash) or at the contact details provided above in future.

The EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server v5.0.6.55900 is also available for sale by me here for $50, payable in advance by BitCoin.
You will get a personalized SERIAL KEY:


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