Redshift 8 Premium by HeavenDenied (BetaBBS forum)

This is by HeavenDenied.

Redshift is your comprehensive guide to the heavens. Enjoy a breathtaking, brilliant representation of the night skies; travel across the Milky Way and beyond, or have a close and detailed look at the planets, moons, asteroids, or many other celestial bodies. Make use of Redshift’s powerful telescope control each time you observe the night sky. With the aid of the comprehensive, customizable Sky Diary you can easily plan any observation on your own.

  1. Professional planetarium software with impressive sky display and intuitive controls
  2. Position calculation and motion simulation of about 100 million stars, a million deep-sky objects, and 500,000 asteroids with accurate scientific data
  3. Online access to USNO-B1 catalog with 1 billion stars
  4. Impressive 3D space flight
  5. Telescope Control
  6. Includes a glossary of astronomy

New features of Redshift 8 Premium:

  1. 100 million stars, 1 million deep-sky objects, and 500,000 asteroids
  2. Expanded time interval (4713 B.C. – 9999 A.D.)
  3. Numerical integration of asteroid and comet motion
  4. Land on/Take off from the surface of planets and moons
  5. Maps of solar eclipses on the 3D Earth globe
  6. 3D flights to the planets and moons, asteroids, spacecraft, stars, clusters, and galaxies
  7. 40 interactive multimedia tours, including breathtaking images, videos and animations

System Requirements

Operating System: WinXP (SP 2)/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10
CPU Type: Athlon/Pentium 2 GHz
Graphics: 1024 x 768, OpenGL compatible, True Color (32 Bit)
DVD-ROM speed: 2x
Hard Disk Space: 3.2 GB
Audio: 16 Bit
Internet access for additional downloads

Downloads incl Keygen: (by JamesBond)

pw: tp&db*kloPc49Os

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