Congratulations to Aaron, Founder of the Exetools Forum

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Aaron the founder of Exetools ( with his bride

This post comes with a very big congratulations to Aaron, the founder of the most popular online crack forum Exetools ( on his wedding!

Coming Soon: Cracked Financial Software and Carding Tutorials (Sorry these will not be free 😉 )

Everyone who is in the “scene” knows the name (or rather the nick alias) of his bride. Clue: She is also a very popular reverse in the same forum and holds an administrative post in that forum.

Let us all wish them a very happy and prosperous married life and may they have lots and lots of kids! 😛

Please post comments wishing them a happy married life. A free NCP Secure Products Keygen for everyone making a comment using their real nick!

What about MY photo? Well… I will post a huge photo of myself in the next few days… Keep watching 😉

6 thoughts on “Congratulations to Aaron, Founder of the Exetools Forum”

  1. What the bloody f*ck do you think of yourself TonyWeb???
    Why the f*ck did you put up Aaron and his wife’s photo online? And what is that you write about your sexual preferences?
    Please keep them out of our forum!
    This was not something that I expected from you. I think that you were a gentleman but you are full of nothing but filth and perversion!
    Shame on you!

    1. F*uck you yourself chessgod101!
      My sexual preferences are up to me. If Aaron is fine with it then why are you so concerned? Are you unhappy that I do not find your ass attractive?

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