How to debug Jumps

Load it in a debugger and find out!

  1. You have executable-can-move checked in DllCharacteristic and relocations are present, thus windows7+ loads the executable at a random address, imagebase is just the preferred address. But as you can see in the opcodes you are hardcoding your VA, which will then be invalid.
  2. Better to choose a relative jump directly, which doesnt encode an absolute VA but rather the location relative to the current address. Use the following and avoid all issues with location of the executable:

000000013F44D000 E9 FB3FFEFF jmp 13F431000

If you are wondering how to get “FB3FFEFF”:

(0x000000013F44D000 – 114693) + 5 –> FB3FFEFF

where 0x000000013F44D000 is the current address, 114693 is the difference to the new location and 5 the size of the jump instruction itself.

Resource Hacker v5.1.8.360

Changes in 5.1.8 (158)
Bugfix: Some PNG files were no longer being displayed


Resource Hacker v5.1.8.360 final.exe e846ef7353af351ad4a6e1d49638b500 c08392c797fcea5147b3f0d7e07f57eedc323911 19/11/2020 23:26:35 4 176 295 exe
Resource Hacker v5.1.8.360 672f980eee75e8223060661227ba884f 86fc38aed09c5a5de4f766b2eb6f5675eaa30489 19/11/2020 23:26:35 3 167 439 zip
Resource Hacker v5.1.8.358 final.exe 9887414657a0764d082f234211896032 babf618ade13bd82f6614a4ef02934e8b6ed485b 19/11/2020 23:16:29 4 175 764 exe
Resource Hacker v5.1.8.358 d3e160a26e85db358b8d35c5dfe8f991 a3036234edf7339d83e635e523af5ba1374d89f1 19/11/2020 23:16:28 3 167 160 zip

Boom 3D 1.2.0 Cracked by TonyWeb

I cracked this myself with lots of difficulty.

Boom #D Cracked by Tonyweb

How to Crack:

You need to find the entrypoint in the koi.exe

To find the entrypoint, search for [STAThread] in the koi.exe with the DnSpy and copy the token.
Go to .NET Directory, EntryPointToken in CFF Explorer and change the token with the one you have copied.

Entrypoint Fixed:

Download link to software:

My patched file:

You need to open software once and skip sign up intro page and replace the file with the existing one.
Tested a bit, no problems met.

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Internet access for additional downloads

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