devastated by Challenger, Draww and JonArbuckle (Staff Pic)

Lol, I see that I am already famous. I am being discussed on other blog sites too. Click the link below: staff (minus the main admin)

It is deeply saddening to see the once bustling and friendly forum brought down to its knees by the foolishness of Challenger aka DrNil, Draww and Jonarbuckle the beggar.

I mean, just around one year ago JonArbuckle, Draww, Challenger and the rest of the present staff were just measly “normal” members.

Begging and grovelling at the main Admin’s feet, they finally climbed the steps of the staff ladder one by one, finally arriving at the rank of an Administrator.

JonArbuckle was the worst of the lot. Right from the time that he stepped into the board4all forum just one year ago, he wasted no time in licking the boots of the main Admin at every possible opportunity. He did the same at the TSRh and other forums too until he managed to advance up in rank.

The story of Vietcode’s begging is well known to all: As soon as one registers on the forum and posts any cracks, Vietcode proceeds to send a HUGE list of software with request to crack it, so that he could then sell it. This is of course an old story, well known to the veterans.

Then he started spreading baseless rumours. Two things stare right at our faces:

Challenger and JonArbuckle keep posting huge banners stating that if anyone asked for their password, they should report to the staff immediately.

What the BLOODY HELL do Challenger and Jonarbuckle think of themselves and the now almost dead and useless board4all forum? Are their accounts at Board4all GOLD that everyone should be trying to gather them, LOL?! πŸ˜€

EVERYTHING at board4all is LEAKED OUT in FULL and is available EVERYWHERE online. Let Challenger and Jonarbuckle get that into their THICK COCONUT heads. NOTHING is private anymore. EVERYONE has MULTIPLE (read: around 50 duplicate accounts) at Board4all.

Reversers and crackers NO LONGER feel safe to share anything of value at Board4all since EVERYTHING gets leaked out in MINUTES to all other online boards.

In a sentence: Challenger aka DrNil and Jonarbuckle DESTROYED Board4All!

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Password for the 7z : 7231sdfsdDFSsdfsd

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard v14 KEYGEN

How to enable offline activation of the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard in v14 :

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2) Open “version.ini”
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3) Add “offline=1”
4) Save “version.ini”
5) Restart software

DOWLOAD (Offline Installer):

Download KEYGEN:

Thanks again to all the Board4ALL Staff for providing me the new material to sell, through my promotion πŸ˜›

Board4All.Biz Staff

Board4All.Biz Staff Photo with Thanks to wifier/Ink0gnit0

UPDATE: Now KEYGEN for Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Available! CLICK BELOW:

I want to thank the staff members for making me a VIP member at Board4all forum.

Now I can take the content and make much better sales!

To show my happiness I am posting the full staff photo of Board4All staff (sorry but main admin missing πŸ™ )

Contains photo of the staff of the Board4All forum except the main admin:
Board4all Staff including Markat, Challenger, Vietcode, draww, Especialista etc

In the staff photo we can see the forum staff who use the nickname aliases “Challenger”, “Markat”, “Vietcode”, “Draww”, “Especialista” and so on.

I also wanna thank WIFIER who also uses the nickname “Ink0gnit0” for releasing all the .NET and Delphi cracks on Board4All!

I am tired now but I will name everyone and tag properly later.

I will also post a lot more photos of the staff!

Roentgen ( His Own Shit Slapped Back at his Face

If you did not check this out yet, please check this post from yesterday first about @Roentgen the sex maniacal person at

In short, Roentgen made a muddled attempt to create an abusive and child-unfriendly keygen in an attempt to insult a well known reverse engineer.

But as the saying goes, Roentgen was humbled and brought back to Earth when all his efforts which lasted days to create that joke of a keygen, were nullified with a SINGLE BYTE PATCH.

Yes, a SINGLE byte patch was all that was needed to restore the keygen to a kid-friendly state.

I agree that it was SHAMEFUL of me that I also stooped to Roentgen’s level to make a post in his thread at saying that I liked the keygen, but what to do? To bag girls and to take underskirt photos (which was why Roentgen was also known by his other nickname of X-Ray at Roentgen is the best person. Selling such vids and photos is the best way to make a quick buck these days… πŸ˜€

By the way, Roentgen went to the trouble of getting the keygen taken down. So here are lot more fresh links:


Kid-Friendly Version of Roentgen’s Keygen

You bad boy Roentgen (previously known as “X-Ray” since he was fond of looking under the skirts of young girls), don’t you know that kids can come across your keygens?

Here’s a CLEANED version of your KEYGEN. Just a SINGLE BYTE patch was needed… F*cks fly out to you too, lol πŸ˜€

“Custom protection” it seems πŸ˜›

Needs just a ONE BYTE fix to remove that “custom protection” trash.

GROW UP @Roentgen!

I do not have time to keep removing the immature abuses from your keygens in case you decide to continue this childishness, but I hope you get the point.
GROW UP please!!!

While we are at it @Roentgen, why do you pretend to be in a very cold foreign country with all your lies of your car freezing and stuff?
All the while, when sitting splat in the middle of North India? πŸ˜€

NO ONE will be misled by your lies, lol πŸ˜€
Your immaturity shines out right through you, you know… πŸ˜€


New Girls, New Fun at TSRh

We’ve been having a lot of fun at the TSRh forum the past few days. A quick screenshot of the chatbox from TSRh:

New girls, new fu

Roentgen is none other than X-Ray, of course, in case you didn’t figure it out yet. πŸ˜€

Just a quick new name change from his side to avoid the interfering measly cops.

As you can see from the screenshot of the TSRh chatbox, our “group” is increasing in size. Come join us!

I need to lick ass. I mean.. A LOT of big smelly arse of the guys at B4All but I finally got into the private sections. Phew… πŸ˜€

Now I can start fresh new sales soon! Keep watching this page!

New Onion Site and Mirrors on Bulletproof Servers Coming Soon

To all my fans out there…

Later on today you can expect MULTIPLE MIRRORS of this site on ONION MIRRORS (just use your Tor browser, lol) and also on bulletproof servers.

On the new servers you will find ALL my keygens and also my videos… Many new DOMAINS also coming online tomorrow…

To “Dmitry Smirnov” from “screw001 at” who tried to report these sites, I have only one thing to say: