EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard v14 KEYGEN

How to enable offline activation of the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard in v14 :

1) Run notepad as admin
2) Open “version.ini”
(inside “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard\config”)
3) Add “offline=1”
4) Save “version.ini”
5) Restart software

DOWLOAD (Offline Installer): http://download.easeus.com/trial/DRW14.0_Trial.exe

Download KEYGEN: https://www.mirrored.to/files/0WY4SQ1L/edrwkgn.exe_links

Thanks again to all the Board4ALL Staff for providing me the new material to sell, through my promotion πŸ˜›

Board4All.Biz Staff

Roentgen (TSRh.ws): His Own Shit Slapped Back at his Face

If you did not check this out yet, please check this post from yesterday first about @Roentgen the sex maniacal person at Tsrh.ws:

In short, Roentgen made a muddled attempt to create an abusive and child-unfriendly keygen in an attempt to insult a well known reverse engineer.

But as the saying goes, Roentgen was humbled and brought back to Earth when all his efforts which lasted days to create that joke of a keygen, were nullified with a SINGLE BYTE PATCH.

Yes, a SINGLE byte patch was all that was needed to restore the keygen to a kid-friendly state.

I agree that it was SHAMEFUL of me that I also stooped to Roentgen’s level to make a post in his thread at tsrh.ws saying that I liked the keygen, but what to do? To bag girls and to take underskirt photos (which was why Roentgen was also known by his other nickname of X-Ray at TSRh.ws) Roentgen is the best person. Selling such vids and photos is the best way to make a quick buck these days… πŸ˜€

By the way, Roentgen went to the trouble of getting the keygen taken down. So here are lot more fresh links:


Kid-Friendly Version of Roentgen’s Keygen

You bad boy Roentgen (previously known as “X-Ray” since he was fond of looking under the skirts of young girls), don’t you know that kids can come across your keygens?

Here’s a CLEANED version of your KEYGEN. Just a SINGLE BYTE patch was needed… F*cks fly out to you too, lol πŸ˜€

“Custom protection” it seems πŸ˜›

Needs just a ONE BYTE fix to remove that “custom protection” trash.

GROW UP @Roentgen!

I do not have time to keep removing the immature abuses from your keygens in case you decide to continue this childishness, but I hope you get the point.
GROW UP please!!!

While we are at it @Roentgen, why do you pretend to be in a very cold foreign country with all your lies of your car freezing and stuff?
All the while, when sitting splat in the middle of North India? πŸ˜€

NO ONE will be misled by your lies, lol πŸ˜€
Your immaturity shines out right through you, you know… πŸ˜€

Download: https://www97.zippyshare.com/v/84z2zomI/file.html

TSRh is Already Compromised (Proof Included)


Let me summarize this for all the F*CKTARDS (yes, using that same term that my geriatric lover de! used) like de! out there:

TSRh Forum was compromised LONG AGO! ANYTHING you post in the forum, whether it be in the private sections (LIKE HOW I STILL FOOLISHLY DID YESTERDAY) or through DMs (like how de! foolishly kept giving out the password to her BoilSoft Keygen: ALL of them get leaked in S-S-SECONDS as the hackers can access the COMPLETE DATABASE of the forum!

@de! If you want the password to your file just make a comment below in this post and I will post the password! It was out of PITY for your hard work that I did not post the password as a free for all yesterday!

Cachito smugly sits in his lawless country Argentina and posts sniggers but who ACTUALLY suffers? It is WE, who suffer, those who live in the EU or in the US! What does Cachito have to lose? NOTHING

Cachito merely pockets the “donations” in bitcoin and encourages everyone to visit the forum so that more and more people would be encouraged to donate, right into his greedy pockets! It is fools like us who take the risk and fill his pockets!

I crack software and film young girls taking ALL the risk and I cannot even sell it in peace on my own blog. Sorry X-Ray that on the TSRh forum today I needed to claim that this blog did not belong to me. But what to do? Everyone would have TORN me apart had I confessed that I needed money and that I resorted to selling the porn and the cracked software

I had already posted this before and it has adequate proof in it, proof of the whole DATABASE COMPROMISE with screenshots:

Who finally suffers in the end?
Our German Brother Sascha Szalata, Indrajit Chakraborty and Dr Davidson Jr
I already posted this as well last month:

Rooster1: You landed into this mess since you decided to take part in the sh*tfest on the TSRh chatbox 2 months ago when I needed to make some comments to save this blog, my sole and only source of income in these COVID times!

Neotys NetLoad v7.7 For Sale ($50)

NEWS FLASH: de! my granny-fetish lover, thinks that posting in the private sections at TSRh is going to stop the sellers. The foolish Bitch! πŸ˜€

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As always, you can pay me for the crack and get it:

DecSoft App Builder 2020.x / 2021.x KeyFileMaker by TonyWeb

Yeah, so I am a cheap dog. SO WHAT???

I am a dirty dog but so what??? I just wanna make some money!

I just wanna make a few quick bucks. As long as people are willing to pay, I will sell.

Here’s the keygen: https://mega.nz/file/N1ZyCTpL#0AUocjGzgXbA8aUsG7jMMP8dM2f5HE0sOWEWWGJEyTI

If you need the password, contact me and I will send you after you pay.