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Visual Paradigm Enterprise


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RADIO AdsMan Pro (ver. KEYGEN by TonyWeb

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  • Commercials database;
  • Automatic creation of playlists according to the schedule of advertising;
  • Playlist export in various formats (RADIO Player Pro, Winamp, Powergold, Digiton etc.);
  • Personal mediaplan settings for each commercial;
  • Built-in print report generator with form editor;
  • Advertisements with several files;
  • Visual broadcasting mediaplan grid with indication of the free and used time;
  • Mediaplan fill wizard;
  • Supports managing several radio stations;
  • Archive for unused commercials with recovery option;
  • Automatic price calculation based on tariff plans;
  • Built-in audio player;
  • Built-in mini-base to store personal settings for audio files;


1. Close all running instances of Adsman
2. Start the the patch/keygen as admin (run-as)
3. Click on ‘Patch’
4. Choose the folder where adsman is installed (= where “AdsMan.exe” is located)
5. Wait until it says “sucessfully patched”. This will inject a custom RSA 1024 key
6. Start Adsman
7. Click on “About program” -> “activation request”
8. Choose any random registration number and check “request a new activation key”.
9. Click on “OK”, next choose “Save to disk” and write the file somewhere.
10. Go back to the patch/keygen
11. Fill in any of the details you want
12. Click on “Go” and choose the file saved in step 9.
13. An activation key will now be generated inside the patch/keygen folder.
14. go back to Adsman
15. Click on “About program” -> “Load activation key” and choose the file generated in 13.