iB Apotek 5.2 Now Available by TonyWeb

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Home Page: https://www.ib-aplikasi.com/produk/software-apotek-5.2

Paste here (or send me by email) the following files’ content (they are text files)


Then paste here (or send me by email) the result of this command, run in a console (use + on your keyboard, then type cmd.exe then press )

WMIC Path Win32_PhysicalMedia Where Tag=’\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0′ Get SerialNumber


[Source Code] Version.dll Full source code with examples

[Source Code] Version.dll Full source code with examples by TonyWeb

NOW FOR SALE!!! Only $50

Once I have the enough likes I will sell the complete set of code. For now I can only post some of the code.

Meanwhile. some titbits for you:

void DoPatch1()

#if _WIN64
        “74 12 48 8D 15”, 1),
        “\x00”, 1);
    //patch the Test1.exe
        “74 22 68”, 1),            //Offset 1 means we want to start replacing from
                                //the beginning of address +1 which in this
                                //case is the byte 22 hex
        “\x00”, 1);                //size is 1



    hMainThread = nullptr;

As you can see from the log, a search was made for “74 12 48 8d 15” in Test1.exe and the patch was made at that address. Patching this way means that most likely the crack will work in the next version of the software.

Example 2:
For example 2 I will use the same Test1 program but another button has been added that calls the IsRegistered() function from an external library named license.dll. What I’m going to show you is how to patch Test2.exe and license.dll at once.


#include "lic.h"

bool IsRegistered()
    return false;

Now copy the version.dll file that is inside the Crack folder to the folder where Test1.exe is like you deed before.


void DoPatch1()
    //We need to make sure that the Test2.exe has already loaded the library license.dll,
    //before proceeding with the patch.
    if (!IsModuleLoaded(szFile2.c_str()))
        MY_LOG(__FUNCTION__ L” :: Waiting for module %ls to be loaded into memory.”, szFile2.c_str());
        } while (!IsModuleLoaded(szFile2.c_str()));

        MY_LOG(__FUNCTION__ L” :: Module %ls has been loaded into memory.”, szFile2.c_str());
        MY_LOG(__FUNCTION__ L” :: Module %ls is already loaded in memory.”, szFile2.c_str());


#if _WIN64
        “74 12 48 8D 15”, 1),
        “\x00”, 1);

    //patch the license.dll
        “32 C0 C3”, 0),
        “\xB0\x01”, 2);    //mov al,1

    //patch the Test2.exe
        “74 23 68”, 1),            //Offset 1 means we want to start replacing from
                                //the beginning of address +1 which in this
                                //case is the byte 23 hex
        “\x00”, 1);                //size is 1

    //patch the license.dll
        “32 C0 C3 3B 0D”, 0),    //Offset 0 means we want to start replacing from
                                //the beginning of the address where the pattern was found
        “\xB0\x01”, 2);            //size is 2



    hMainThread = nullptr;

TonyWeb: My Feeble Attempts to Show Defiance

I may be devoid of shame but in the end who makes MONEY? It is I.

THAT is what matters. Shame, honor and fresh air all go out through the window in the end and what matters is who is left holding the CASH! 😀

And how much CASH do I hold in my hand? WADS and WADS of cold cash that I get from selling cracked software that I gather from B4A and various other forums. 😀 😀 😀

I made at least 50 accounts when the registration was opened up at B4A recently. Just use MULTILOGIN SOFTWARE to create the accounts. I did the same. Through MULTILOGIN you can create any number of accounts at any forum and the admins like CHALLENGER would just be left scratching their heads like fools in confusion! 😀

What a HUGE fool that Challenger is, thinking that he could prevent duplicate accounts!

Anyone who wants an account at B4A can contact me and pay me $1. I will provide you the login details. Payments by BTC only please!

These days you can see me post some useless stuff on various forums. Now that de! recently got shamed in public for claiming credits for cracking a popular software while in reality it was a GROUP EFFORT by various expert reverse engineers from the TIRA forum, I, tonyweb am just venting out my frustration in a vain attempt to show to the world that I am “not afraid” and that I “still continue to” post content, even though the content I am posting may be worse than utter trash!

Many other forums booted me out in a very shameful way and showed me out their door 🙁

I am only able to fool people like Challenger, Especialista, JonArbuckle and a few others who seem to be rather fascinated by the useless trash that I post in their forums.

DecSoft App Builder 2020.x / 2021.x KeyFileMaker by TonyWeb

Yeah, so I am a cheap dog. SO WHAT???

I am a dirty dog but so what??? I just wanna make some money!

I just wanna make a few quick bucks. As long as people are willing to pay, I will sell.

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If you need the password, contact me and I will send you after you pay.

My Dirty Dog’s Life by TonyWeb – Part 2

My lamentations continue.

The dog’s life of mine

Oh woe is me. No other man should suffer, ever, as I do now. I went against the Lord and now I am reduced to a state where I have to beg on my knees for scraps on the corners of the streets. Woe is me. Woe is mine.

Read Part-1 of This Post First Here

Day after day, hour after hour, I roam in the dark alleys of online warez forums like B4A, trying to post tidbits and snippets of HelpDesk Answers, in a doggone (pun intended) and long forgone attempt to gain back likes from fellow reversers.

No one cares. I realize that I have lost my respect. Totally. No one gives a shit about someone like me who sold cracks online for large sums of money as well as entice young schoolgirls to pose nude and also commit sex acts for my porn movies.

At the time I did not realize that creating and selling underage porn would have such a life-changing impact as far as my online life in reversing forums went. Now I realize that I cannot sell underage porn AND have respect from other reversers at the same time.

I still decide to be stubborn. Keep provoking the Lord and see how far he can go. After all, what can the Lord do? I am the mightier and the more stubborn one!

Anyone who wishes to can contact me at this email address:

Or at this email address:

Please contact me at the above email addresses if you need to purchase the cracks or porn or anything that I sell, as advertised on this blog.
All payments in Bitcoin only – I do not want to have to worry about TAXES. 😉

Myriad Multi Keygen 2.3 by TonyWeb

Myriad Multi Keygen 2.3
•Myriad Advert Manager
•Myriad Anywhere
•Myriad Auto-Impor
•Myriad AutoTrack
•Myriad Monitor
•Myriad Online Co
•Myriad Playout v4
•Myriad Remote Edit Server
•Myriad News
•Myriad News Capture
•Myriad Network
•Myriad Auto Player v4
•Myriad Logging
•Myriad Advert Manager SE
•Myriad AutoTrack SE
•Myriad Playout v5
•Myriad AutoPlayer v5
•Myriad Network 3.5

Myriad 5 Playout is a radio playout and automation system built from the ground up to provide a broadcast platform for the next generation of engaging and creative radio presenters and stations.

•Completely new solution engineered from the ground up to meet the current and future needs of modern radio.
•Fully scalable from single workstation to full enterprise level solution.
•Flexible design and fully customisable interface via our Dynamic Layouts.
•Robust audio playout and creation tools designed to streamline workflows.
•Presenter focused operations developed by a team with a real world track record in making radio.
•Totally new, but with a familiar feeling for existing users.

Language : English

Home Page :


Direct download : https://support.broadcastradio.com/Products/Myriad/v5/v5.21.20023/Playout/BRMyriadPlayout5.msi

  1. Instructions :

    For Playout :

    1. Enter your PSQUID id
    2. Next choose “Myriad Playout v5”
    3. Click on “Patch” (all 5 checkboxes should be checked after patching)
    4. Next choose your license type
    5. Fill in your name
    6. Click on “Create”
    7. The keygen will create a .lic file. This is the file you need to load inside Playout v5 (this .lic file will enable 10 station playback and 10 split playback)

Download: https://www.mirrored.to/files/WSZKC4SK/psmmk23.exe_links

[Exclusive] Macro Recorder v2.58f Cracked by Tonyweb

Record mouse and keyboard actions for infinite replay…

No more performing the same task twice!

Macro Recorder captures mouse events and keystrokes like a tape recorder, allowing you to automate tedious procedures on your computer.

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Congratulations to Aaron, Founder of the Exetools Forum

Click here to see image: https://i.postimg.cc/KzXqpXwz/Aaron-and-Zenix-Wedding.jpg
Aaron the founder of Exetools (forum.exetools.com) with his bride

This post comes with a very big congratulations to Aaron, the founder of the most popular online crack forum Exetools (https://forum.exetools.com) on his wedding!

Coming Soon: Cracked Financial Software and Carding Tutorials (Sorry these will not be free 😉 )

Everyone who is in the “scene” knows the name (or rather the nick alias) of his bride. Clue: She is also a very popular reverse in the same forum and holds an administrative post in that forum.

Let us all wish them a very happy and prosperous married life and may they have lots and lots of kids! 😛

Please post comments wishing them a happy married life. A free NCP Secure Products Keygen for everyone making a comment using their real nick!

What about MY photo? Well… I will post a huge photo of myself in the next few days… Keep watching 😉

Redshift 8 Premium by HeavenDenied (BetaBBS forum)

This is by HeavenDenied.

Redshift is your comprehensive guide to the heavens. Enjoy a breathtaking, brilliant representation of the night skies; travel across the Milky Way and beyond, or have a close and detailed look at the planets, moons, asteroids, or many other celestial bodies. Make use of Redshift’s powerful telescope control each time you observe the night sky. With the aid of the comprehensive, customizable Sky Diary you can easily plan any observation on your own.

  1. Professional planetarium software with impressive sky display and intuitive controls
  2. Position calculation and motion simulation of about 100 million stars, a million deep-sky objects, and 500,000 asteroids with accurate scientific data
  3. Online access to USNO-B1 catalog with 1 billion stars
  4. Impressive 3D space flight
  5. Telescope Control
  6. Includes a glossary of astronomy

New features of Redshift 8 Premium:

  1. 100 million stars, 1 million deep-sky objects, and 500,000 asteroids
  2. Expanded time interval (4713 B.C. – 9999 A.D.)
  3. Numerical integration of asteroid and comet motion
  4. Land on/Take off from the surface of planets and moons
  5. Maps of solar eclipses on the 3D Earth globe
  6. 3D flights to the planets and moons, asteroids, spacecraft, stars, clusters, and galaxies
  7. 40 interactive multimedia tours, including breathtaking images, videos and animations

System Requirements

Operating System: WinXP (SP 2)/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10
CPU Type: Athlon/Pentium 2 GHz
Graphics: 1024 x 768, OpenGL compatible, True Color (32 Bit)
DVD-ROM speed: 2x
Hard Disk Space: 3.2 GB
Audio: 16 Bit
Internet access for additional downloads

Downloads incl Keygen: (by JamesBond)

https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/PoKuNkGm/file.html https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/GMbKd6Ko/file.html https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/zDvFcsO2/file.html https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/IAFVfMAA/file.html https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/3EuLwAnY/file.html https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/ok7ZOEjc/file.html https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/za9X8y0b/file.html https://www63.zippyshare.com/v/C7zBrWjC/file.html

pw: tp&db*kloPc49Os

ESET EAV & EIS & ESSP v13.2.15.0: ESET Smart Security Cracks by Tonyweb

Download Setup:
EAV – ESET NOD32 AntiVirus
EXE – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/eav/windows/latest/eav_nt32.exe
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EXE – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/eav/windows/latest/eav_nt64.exe
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EIS – ESET Internet Security
EXE – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/eis/windows/latest/eis_nt32.exe
MSI – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/eis/windows/latest/eis_nt32.msi
EXE – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/eis/windows/latest/eis_nt64.exe
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ESSP – ESET Smart Security Premium
EXE – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/essp/windows/latest/essp_nt32.exe
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EXE – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/essp/windows/latest/essp_nt64.exe
MSI – https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/home/essp/windows/latest/essp_nt64.msi

TESTED / WORKING / Win10 x64

ESET Smart Security 9-12 Serial Keys






Original: https://www.betabbs.org/index.php?/topic/359-eset-products/

If you want the latest versions they are not free. You can leave a comment and I will tell you how to pay me 😉