Directory List & Print 4.13


Registration Key:

[KEYGEN] Myriad playout 5 + support applications + RVT + Remote + Autoplayer

  1. Download & install :
  • Myriad Playout 5
  • Myriad Remote Voice Tracking 5
  • Myriad Playout Support Applications 5
  • Myriad Playout Remote 5
  • Myriad Autoplayer 5
  1. Patch : 01| Click on “PATCH”
    02| Choose the root folder where you installed the apps :
    ex. :”C:\Program Files\Broadcast Radio”
    03| Wait until it says “done”
    04| Enter your “PSQUID”, “License Type” and “License Name”
    05| Select your “Station ID” (hoover over the ? for more info)
    06| Click on “Generate License Files”
    07| This will generate the license files required below
  2. To register “Myriad Playout 5” :
  3. 01| Start “Myriad Playout v5”
    02| Go to “Settings” -> “License Details” -> “Install/Uinstall License Key”
    03| Load the generated “playout5license.lic” file to register
  4. To register any of the “Support applications” :
  5. 01| Start “Myriad Playout v5”
    02| Go to “Settings” -> “Database Settings” -> “Database Settings” -> “Stations”
    03| Choose the station you want to register and click on “Edit stations details”
    04| Click on “Manage Enabler Code”
    05| Load the generated “stationenabler5license.lic” to register
  6. To register “Autoplayer 5”
    01| Start “Autplayer 5”
    02| Go to “Tools” -> “License Details” -> “Install/Uninstall License Key”
    03| Load the generated “autoplayer5license.lic” file to register


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard v14 KEYGEN

How to enable offline activation of the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard in v14 :

1) Run notepad as admin
2) Open “version.ini”
(inside “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard\config”)
3) Add “offline=1”
4) Save “version.ini”
5) Restart software

DOWLOAD (Offline Installer):

Download KEYGEN:

Thanks again to all the Board4ALL Staff for providing me the new material to sell, through my promotion 😛

Board4All.Biz Staff

Qoppa PDF Studio Pro 2020.3.1 (Free Lic, $20 for KEYGEN)

I do not know how to shut the f*ck up 😀

NO WONDER I and de! get my releases leaked!!! F*cking TSRh ChatBox lol!


License Link:

Archive password: PDF’n’Qoppa

Follow the instructions found in the ReadMe.1st.txt file.

The provided solution should work also for Linux/MacOS (with instructions tweaked accordingly) but I personally didn’t test.
Feedback is appreciated.

Just a FYI. License files are watermarked

If you want the KEYGEN you need to pay for it: $20 only

You can also contact my friends with the payment in Bitcoin here:

TSRh is Already Compromised (Proof Included)


Let me summarize this for all the F*CKTARDS (yes, using that same term that my geriatric lover de! used) like de! out there:

TSRh Forum was compromised LONG AGO! ANYTHING you post in the forum, whether it be in the private sections (LIKE HOW I STILL FOOLISHLY DID YESTERDAY) or through DMs (like how de! foolishly kept giving out the password to her BoilSoft Keygen: ALL of them get leaked in S-S-SECONDS as the hackers can access the COMPLETE DATABASE of the forum!

@de! If you want the password to your file just make a comment below in this post and I will post the password! It was out of PITY for your hard work that I did not post the password as a free for all yesterday!

Cachito smugly sits in his lawless country Argentina and posts sniggers but who ACTUALLY suffers? It is WE, who suffer, those who live in the EU or in the US! What does Cachito have to lose? NOTHING

Cachito merely pockets the “donations” in bitcoin and encourages everyone to visit the forum so that more and more people would be encouraged to donate, right into his greedy pockets! It is fools like us who take the risk and fill his pockets!

I crack software and film young girls taking ALL the risk and I cannot even sell it in peace on my own blog. Sorry X-Ray that on the TSRh forum today I needed to claim that this blog did not belong to me. But what to do? Everyone would have TORN me apart had I confessed that I needed money and that I resorted to selling the porn and the cracked software

I had already posted this before and it has adequate proof in it, proof of the whole DATABASE COMPROMISE with screenshots:

Who finally suffers in the end?
Our German Brother Sascha Szalata, Indrajit Chakraborty and Dr Davidson Jr
I already posted this as well last month:

Rooster1: You landed into this mess since you decided to take part in the sh*tfest on the TSRh chatbox 2 months ago when I needed to make some comments to save this blog, my sole and only source of income in these COVID times!

Boilsoft Video Splitter 8.1.4 KEYGEN for Sale ($20)

It was out of PITY for de!’s hard work that I did not post the password. I did not forget it! de! IF YOU DARE, make a comment in this blog challenging me to post your PW and I will do so! For ALL to see.

TSRh is HACKED and its security TOTALLY COMPROMISED but you fail to see it. See my
today’s post where I posted the proof!


How to Crack Java: For Dumbos Like Wilson Bibe

As you all know, I am the best when it comes to cracking Java (or the shrivelled granny pussy of de! 😀 )

Coming to the point… Let me treach you all a trick or two about cracking Java apps, so that you can stop begging me for the cracks. The only crack that I sell is the the powdery white variety 😀 which you can smoke while watching my “specialized” porn.

The ego levels of de! have reached to insufferable levels and she thinks that she is the best cracker around, after mastering a few little keygens here and there. She wants everyone to beg her and then she dishes out a registration key or two. Well, to save the World from bitches like her, you can count on me to leak out her work here openly!

Anyway, coming back to the Java for Wilson Bibe:

Hi wilson bibe,
you might have already checked the following, so fuck you if it’s the case.

It would be needed to take a look at the specific app (can you write here and/or PM a download link?) but, usually, if the jar you’re patching is signed (i.e. if it has *.SF and *.?SA files in META-INF subdirectory), you should remove the *.SF and *.?SA files from META-INF subdir and also remove the list of the name/sha pairs in the MANIFEST.MF file … or you can “simply” resign the jar

Another trick that only sometimes works, is to “empty” the files *.SF and *.?SA (0 byte size).

Of course the app might check if the jar is signed and/or the certificate details, try looking at “MANIFEST.MF” strings and/or occurrences of java.util.jar.Manifest and/or Cipher class’ usages.

Hope you are enjoying my special porn 😉

EximiousSoft Logo Designer, banner Maker, Business Card Maker (NEW SERIALS)

OMG..My optimism about the future of the human race just got a gnaw again…

Because i’m in a good mood, here are the direct links :

And for future reference, I’ll also explain the procedure :

  1. Open a browser.. Wait.. you’re reading this so you already have it open.. skip this step.
  2. Go to “Logo Design software, Business Card Software, GIF Edit Software” .. but wait.. not in this window or you’ll loose the procedure
  3. At the top you will see “Design”. click on the link
  4. Now you will see 2 columns, a normal version and to the right a PRO version.
  5. Click on the PRO version links for every product
  6. In the middle of the screen (ofcourse depends on how big your screen is), you will see a BIG, BIG orange button “FREE TRIAL” (don’t mind the caps.. might look different on your screen)..
  7. Click on the HUGE “FREE TRIAL” orange button and the product will download

No need for passwords or all combined zipped files…. and not saying this is such a case, but also a lesson in avoiding malware… Free of charge.. Happy 2021… i’ll try to be less sarcastic this year.. Its my promise…

For Logo Designer Pro v3.71 use the following serial :
08AE2B3173D5472C903F8A9AA46BF8BE (updated 11-01-2021)

For Banner Maker Pro v3.70 use the following serial :
836D2B6469B4BC885A3F60ABB7B8C224 (updated 11-01-2021)

For Bizcard Maker Pro v3.67 use the following serial :
83607D20A041C699F757D3587A807316 (updated 11-01-2021)

“P.S. some devs really need to update their knowledge on protections… uh…”

Bitch thinks too much of herself. Again… 😀

de! my bitch is drunk again. Need to take advantage of this opportunity and f*ck that filthy c*nt again! I got chlamydia already. So it’s not a big deal as long as tolerate teh filthy discharge from her crusted granny c*nt!

Need to take advantage of this opportunity and f*ck that filthy c*nt again! I got chlamydia already. So it’s not a big deal as long as tolerate teh filthy discharge from her crusted granny c*nt!

Massive Hack of Forum: Complete Database Compromise

NEW: Dielbach Lands German Brother Sascha Szalata, Indrajit Chakraborty and Dr Davidson Jr in Trouble

Deuteronomy 6:16Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

But Cachito decided to do just that. Again and again. And again. Until the LORD was provoked to anger. And then his fury knew no bounds. See how Cachito the brain-dead moronic excuse of an Admin at TSRh decided to bring down the destruction of TSRh right at the time Christmas, endangering several other users of the forum in the process with his imbecilic provocations towards none other than the Mighty Lord himself (may the Lord’s name be blessed from everlasting to everlasting):
The fool Cachito provokes the Lord…

The Lord decided to remain silent… Then after a few more days, the imbecilic Admin Cachito once again decided to provoke the Lord with his FOOLISH gestures:

The Lord thy God is a formidable God

This time the Lord no longer could remain patient and decided to show his MIGHT. Sulphur and brimstone rained down from the heavens and reduced the once bubbly and bright TSRh forum to a worthless heap of rubble and dust that was not fit for even WEEDS to grow!

This is my stance towards the LORD:

Oh… The user who went by the moniker rooster1 (seems he named himself as rooster as a pseudonym for COCK or the male organ, which he liked to suck and suck and suck daily(and swallow of course, for it to count towards his daily “protein intake”) was also ruthlessly ripped apart and his IP addresses from Verizon exposed, for MOCKING the Lord. The user de! escaped this time for old times’ sake under the NANNY PROVISIONS ACT which allowed those with shrivelled up pussies (cats 😉 ) to temporarily escape the WRATH of the Lord. May not be so lucky the next time round though…

The Database of the TSRh forum was ripped right out and hung out on the internet for every passer-by to shake their heads in pity and cluck their tongues at, to highlight the folly of the Brainless excuse of an asshole, Cachito who was made the Admin of TSRh a couple years ago only due to the strong NEPOTISM prevalent in that forum, when Cachito repeatedly sucked the teeny manhood of his bastard brother who managed to convince Cachito that he was a huge Linux expert and that he even “came on 2 local Argentinian TV shows” lol. Of course, Cachito brother “came” on the TV shows only in his pants. 😀

Screenshots of SOME of the TSRH Forum User Database Pages follow (since there are far to many for me to post all on a single day). More to follow in the coming days:

These are just REPRESENTATIVE PAGES from the H-U-U-U-G-E database list that was released a few days back in the underground forums… I will try to post the remaining pages from the database in the coming days. There are around 95 pages in total (too many to upload in one day).

Check my Next Blog Post for More USER DETAILS that were also leaked out, at the link below…

Take home lesson: The wrath of the Lord knows no bounds. Do not bring it upon thyself with thy foolish provocative behavior!

The hack was facilitated by Jihadi Abdul Muid (Gregory Morse) about whom you can read about here: