[Source Code] Version.dll Full source code with examples

[Source Code] Version.dll Full source code with examples by TonyWeb

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Once I have the enough likes I will sell the complete set of code. For now I can only post some of the code.

Meanwhile. some titbits for you:

void DoPatch1()

#if _WIN64
        “74 12 48 8D 15”, 1),
        “\x00”, 1);
    //patch the Test1.exe
        “74 22 68”, 1),            //Offset 1 means we want to start replacing from
                                //the beginning of address +1 which in this
                                //case is the byte 22 hex
        “\x00”, 1);                //size is 1



    hMainThread = nullptr;

As you can see from the log, a search was made for “74 12 48 8d 15” in Test1.exe and the patch was made at that address. Patching this way means that most likely the crack will work in the next version of the software.

Example 2:
For example 2 I will use the same Test1 program but another button has been added that calls the IsRegistered() function from an external library named license.dll. What I’m going to show you is how to patch Test2.exe and license.dll at once.


#include "lic.h"

bool IsRegistered()
    return false;

Now copy the version.dll file that is inside the Crack folder to the folder where Test1.exe is like you deed before.


void DoPatch1()
    //We need to make sure that the Test2.exe has already loaded the library license.dll,
    //before proceeding with the patch.
    if (!IsModuleLoaded(szFile2.c_str()))
        MY_LOG(__FUNCTION__ L” :: Waiting for module %ls to be loaded into memory.”, szFile2.c_str());
        } while (!IsModuleLoaded(szFile2.c_str()));

        MY_LOG(__FUNCTION__ L” :: Module %ls has been loaded into memory.”, szFile2.c_str());
        MY_LOG(__FUNCTION__ L” :: Module %ls is already loaded in memory.”, szFile2.c_str());


#if _WIN64
        “74 12 48 8D 15”, 1),
        “\x00”, 1);

    //patch the license.dll
        “32 C0 C3”, 0),
        “\xB0\x01”, 2);    //mov al,1

    //patch the Test2.exe
        “74 23 68”, 1),            //Offset 1 means we want to start replacing from
                                //the beginning of address +1 which in this
                                //case is the byte 23 hex
        “\x00”, 1);                //size is 1

    //patch the license.dll
        “32 C0 C3 3B 0D”, 0),    //Offset 0 means we want to start replacing from
                                //the beginning of the address where the pattern was found
        “\xB0\x01”, 2);            //size is 2



    hMainThread = nullptr;

Neotys NetLoad v7.11.x (For Sale)

Please read this first if you did not do so already:


Coming to the Neotys topic. Now, Neotys NeoLoad v7.11 is available for sale. You can pay me $50 by bitcoin and I will make it available to you.

Neotys NeoLoad v7.11

Of course, I stole the technique to crack it from another forum where I pretended to be a Team Member until I could get hold of all their techniques and tools, but who the hell cares?!

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EximiousSoft Logo Designer, banner Maker, Business Card Maker (NEW SERIALS)

OMG..My optimism about the future of the human race just got a gnaw again…

Because i’m in a good mood, here are the direct links :


And for future reference, I’ll also explain the procedure :

  1. Open a browser.. Wait.. you’re reading this so you already have it open.. skip this step.
  2. Go to “Logo Design software, Business Card Software, GIF Edit Software” .. but wait.. not in this window or you’ll loose the procedure
  3. At the top you will see “Design”. click on the link
  4. Now you will see 2 columns, a normal version and to the right a PRO version.
  5. Click on the PRO version links for every product
  6. In the middle of the screen (ofcourse depends on how big your screen is), you will see a BIG, BIG orange button “FREE TRIAL” (don’t mind the caps.. might look different on your screen)..
  7. Click on the HUGE “FREE TRIAL” orange button and the product will download

No need for passwords or all combined zipped files…. and not saying this is such a case, but also a lesson in avoiding malware… Free of charge.. Happy 2021… i’ll try to be less sarcastic this year.. Its my promise…

For Logo Designer Pro v3.71 use the following serial :
08AE2B3173D5472C903F8A9AA46BF8BE (updated 11-01-2021)

For Banner Maker Pro v3.70 use the following serial :
836D2B6469B4BC885A3F60ABB7B8C224 (updated 11-01-2021)

For Bizcard Maker Pro v3.67 use the following serial :
83607D20A041C699F757D3587A807316 (updated 11-01-2021)

“P.S. some devs really need to update their knowledge on protections… uh…”

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My Dirty Dog’s Life by TonyWeb – Part 2

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Day after day, hour after hour, I roam in the dark alleys of online warez forums like B4A, trying to post tidbits and snippets of HelpDesk Answers, in a doggone (pun intended) and long forgone attempt to gain back likes from fellow reversers.

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How to Crack Hasp HL Time Dongle

First check app files on envelops (for sample use DIE), or by hand check sections names (envelops have “.protect” or “.AKS1”).
UIf no envelops – this be ok and maybe possible to solve, if are envelops – that need check login feature for envelop,
if it is expired – no luck(becouse envelops crypted by AES and without working feature impossible to decrypt it).

I remember the early versions of HASP HL envelopes (around 2005-2007) used the same AES keys in all features, so it was possible to unpack files with expired feature by forcing the software to read feature 0 instead (feature 0 was set to perpetual by default in early versions).
but, in case of SRM, there is no chance with expired feature + envelope.

How to debug Jumps

Load it in a debugger and find out!

  1. You have executable-can-move checked in DllCharacteristic and relocations are present, thus windows7+ loads the executable at a random address, imagebase is just the preferred address. But as you can see in the opcodes you are hardcoding your VA, which will then be invalid.
  2. Better to choose a relative jump directly, which doesnt encode an absolute VA but rather the location relative to the current address. Use the following and avoid all issues with location of the executable:

000000013F44D000 E9 FB3FFEFF jmp 13F431000

If you are wondering how to get “FB3FFEFF”:

(0x000000013F44D000 – 114693) + 5 –> FB3FFEFF

where 0x000000013F44D000 is the current address, 114693 is the difference to the new location and 5 the size of the jump instruction itself.

Cracking .NET Components

You may wonder why I have chosen this topic, why write a tutor on .net components?

Technically a .NET component is not different from an executable assembly, I mean that both are compiled to MSIL and you can usually view the source in Reflector and other tools, but when it comes to commercial components you have to understand that more and more complicated protection schemes are being implemented to protect them, and after analyzing many products I found so many points that all these components share to protect themselves.

The second reason that pushed me to write this tutor is that I couldn’t find any papers on this topic and that’s because many crackers are still not interested in this platform yet and I really don’t know why!

Today I have chosen a real target and remember that this is only the first tutor on this topic so don’t expect it to be very hard, so this is just an introduction, and later I will demonstrate harder targets.

Download it here