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Coming now to the subject at hand… The Visual Paradigm Enterprise of course… 😀

Visual Paradigm Enterprise


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Directory List & Print 4.13


Registration Key:

Qoppa PDF Studio Pro 2020.3.1 (Free Lic, $20 for KEYGEN)

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License Link:

Archive password: PDF’n’Qoppa

Follow the instructions found in the ReadMe.1st.txt file.

The provided solution should work also for Linux/MacOS (with instructions tweaked accordingly) but I personally didn’t test.
Feedback is appreciated.

Just a FYI. License files are watermarked

If you want the KEYGEN you need to pay for it: $20 only

You can also contact my friends with the payment in Bitcoin here:

RADIO AdsMan Pro (ver. KEYGEN by TonyWeb

Target URL:


  • Commercials database;
  • Automatic creation of playlists according to the schedule of advertising;
  • Playlist export in various formats (RADIO Player Pro, Winamp, Powergold, Digiton etc.);
  • Personal mediaplan settings for each commercial;
  • Built-in print report generator with form editor;
  • Advertisements with several files;
  • Visual broadcasting mediaplan grid with indication of the free and used time;
  • Mediaplan fill wizard;
  • Supports managing several radio stations;
  • Archive for unused commercials with recovery option;
  • Automatic price calculation based on tariff plans;
  • Built-in audio player;
  • Built-in mini-base to store personal settings for audio files;


1. Close all running instances of Adsman
2. Start the the patch/keygen as admin (run-as)
3. Click on ‘Patch’
4. Choose the folder where adsman is installed (= where “AdsMan.exe” is located)
5. Wait until it says “sucessfully patched”. This will inject a custom RSA 1024 key
6. Start Adsman
7. Click on “About program” -> “activation request”
8. Choose any random registration number and check “request a new activation key”.
9. Click on “OK”, next choose “Save to disk” and write the file somewhere.
10. Go back to the patch/keygen
11. Fill in any of the details you want
12. Click on “Go” and choose the file saved in step 9.
13. An activation key will now be generated inside the patch/keygen folder.
14. go back to Adsman
15. Click on “About program” -> “Load activation key” and choose the file generated in 13.

EaseUS Todo Backup (Home v12/v13 and Enterprise v13) KEYGEN by TonyWeb/TonyWank

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EaseUS Todo Backup

Enterprise (v13) : Workstation/Server/Advanced Server/Technician :
•It offers full backup of your entire systems, disk and files to make your business data protected. You can restore data and quickly return to the normal business to minimize losses after a data catastrophe.
•Easily migrate drive from Physical machine to virtual machine. Also, you can directly restore an EaseUS disk/backup image to a virtual machine with P2V Recovery.
•Scheduling backup plans is the best way to ensure that backups are done in a consistent and timely manner. As a powerful and auto backup software, it enables you to schedule various types of backup plans, including Full backup, Differential backup, Incremental backup.
•It allows an IT administrator to remotely boot a machine from the network to the recovery environment for backup. It is especially useful for system recovery and system deployment. And it helps an IT administrator reducing the daily workload.
•It can create backups for entire SQL database on business requirement and support Microsoft SQL Server 2019/2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005
•EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise can backup Exchange email and mailbox regularly and assures to restore anything right now for non-stop workflow.It supports Exchange Server 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003

Home (v12/v13) :
•Easily run an automated backup on your directories & files, compress file images to save space, and encrypt files to protect privacy.
•Back up Windows system along with user settings, create a bootable backup, restore your system quickly once it crashes.
•Back up disk/partition at a block level, while data stored on it is ever-increasing and updated. No impact on the existing disk running.
•Store backups to anywhere, hard drive, an external device, tape, FTP server, network share, NAS, CD/DVD, or OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Info for the keygen (=without patch) :

  1. Run as Admin
  2. Click on “3. Verify” to check if your hostfile has been updated
  3. If not in green, please click on “4. Update” and reverify again.
  4. Choose the type of license and click on “1. Generate”. This is the code you need to use when registering
  5. Next click on “2. Generate”. This is the activation code you need afterwards.
  6. Thats it.

Congratulations to Aaron, Founder of the Exetools Forum

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Aaron the founder of Exetools ( with his bride

This post comes with a very big congratulations to Aaron, the founder of the most popular online crack forum Exetools ( on his wedding!

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Let us all wish them a very happy and prosperous married life and may they have lots and lots of kids! 😛

Please post comments wishing them a happy married life. A free NCP Secure Products Keygen for everyone making a comment using their real nick!

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Sparklabs Viscosity OpenVPN Client v1.5-1.8.4 Keygen by TonyWeb

Viscosity is a first class VPN client, providing everything you need to establish fast and secure OpenVPN connections on both macOS and Windows.

Viscosity caters to both users new to VPNs and experts alike, providing secure and reliable VPN connections. Whether remotely connecting to your workplace network, home network, VPN Service Provider, or other setup, Viscosity ensures it’s done with ease and style.

Viscosity has a clear and intuitive interface for monitoring your VPN connections. Whether you simply want a quick overview of your OpenVPN connections, or want to drill down to the technical network and encryption details, Viscosity has you covered.

Viscosity’s unobtrusive main menu provides an instant overview of your VPN connections, making it a breeze to monitor connection details in real-time. When more information is needed, Viscosity’s powerful Details window provides a stylish traffic graph and detailed connection statistics.

Viscosity takes the complexity out of editing VPN connections, while also adding a lot of power at your fingertips. Viscosity’s connection editor makes it easy to configure new VPN connections from scratch or edit existing ones. All without needing to know complex commands.

Easily configure everything from network settings to complex multi-factor authentication. Viscosity’s powerful DNS modes and traffic routing are also readily accessible to ensure that traffic goes where you want. Power users are also accommodated, with scripting and advanced command support.

Download: (Keygen)

Download Source Code: (needs tweaking for versions, etc)


  1. First disconnect from internet, install and then register while still offline.
  2. TURN OFF AUTO-UPDATES for app! This is very important. After that you can go online and use normally.
  3. This has been tested for versions 1.7.x up to versions 1.8.4 of the Viscosity software.
  4. It also works for latest versions but has been reported to be unstable on some users’ systems. So check it out at your own risk. I shared this on other boards yesterday and the users reported that it was working for them without issues.
  5. Some keys could be blacklisted. So if it says so, please try again a few times with different keys.
  6. Keys work only once per system. Same key does not work on other PCs after used on one PC! It appears to work but will show as invalid after a very short time.
  7. Keys should be generated with keygen on same system where app is installed. Otherwise keys appear to work but will expire after a short time. Users from other boards where I shared yesterday reported this.
  8. Cross-platform keys generated no longer work reliably. So just use the keys using the Windows option only.

The latest versions of the Viscosity have an online check but the keys generated from this app pass the online check.
Remember, if some keys come out as invalid, the main reason would be that someone else could have already used them. So please generate fresh keys and use them.

The latest versions of the Viscosity have an online check but the keys generated from this app pass the online check.
Remember, if some keys come out as invalid, the main reason would be that someone else could have already used them. So please generate fresh keys and use them.

If you want the latest versions they are not free. You can leave a comment and I will tell you how to pay me 😉