EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL v6.3.2.55531 for Sale

Please check this out first:

Team-IRA back with a bang

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL is a high performance tool for PostgreSQL database administration and development. It works with any PostgreSQL versions up to the newest one and supports the latest PostgreSQL features including exclusion constrains, β€˜when’ clause of triggers, functions returning table, and others. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL offers plenty of powerful database tools such as Visual Database Designer to create PostgreSQL database in few clicks, Visual Query Builder to build complicated PostgreSQL queries, powerful BLOB editor and many more useful features for efficient PostgreSQL administration. SQL Manager for PostgreSQL has a state-of-the-art graphical user interface with well-described wizard system, so clear in use that even a newbie will not be confused with it.





Team-IRA Back with a Bang!

The widely popular Information Technology forum site TEAM-IRA which was shut down last week for upgrades has returned back with a huge bang, with a lot more new sections for the benfit of its elite members!

The Team-IRA forum, shortened to TIRA many times in day-to-day speech is the more secret version of the B4A forum where only the BEST OF THE BEST security specialists and professionals are allowed membership to, and where the latest and the best in cutting-edge technology of InfoSec is shared within the four walls of the forum, shrouded in utmost secrecy!

MANY try to gain membership into the forum but only the very best of the best manage to gain entry into that elite forum.

The rest have to find solace in the fact that they at least have access to the much more easier to get in B4A forum, where the quality of content shared (mainly being warez) is far below par of that shared at TIRA.

Of course, the Root Admin (Zeus) owns both the TIRA and the B4A forum.

Entry into the Team IRA forum is strictly by invitation only!

I, tonyweb once used to have membership at TIRA forum, but was kicked out when I started this wordpress site (along with a few other sites) where I now peddle my warez cracks for money πŸ˜€

The Root Admin was kind enough to allow me to remain at B4A where I continue to sell my warez cracks.