“Stingered” The Two-faced Hypocrite Questions Challenger’s Lineage and Parentage

Today, Stingered was caught red-handed claiming that Katie was not Challenger’s daughter and that Challenger’s father was not who everyone “officially” thought to be, effectively saying that the Board4All admin Challenger is an illegitimate son!

It is well known and can be very easily from the posts on this thread that the user “Stingered” maintains several duplicate accounts, which he uses to create posts and then use each of the duplicate accounts to “like” the posts made by his other dup accounts, to give the viewers the false impression that his posts are well received and liked by the community.

Some of the duplicate accounts of the user “Stingered” include:


among many others.

Stingered most recently tried to show his double faced hypocritical nature by trying to speak ill of the Team-IRA forum.

After it was pointed out that “Stingered” himself owned an account at the TIRA forum, where he has made several posts of his own and also downloaded a lot of valuable content from, he seemed to be utterly upset and remained silent for a day and a half before coming online and venting his fury by claiming that the person who exposed his two-faced hypocritical nature on the Exetools forum was trying to “harass” him (“Stingered”).

This is the user Stingered’s profile on TIRA forum:


“Stingered” typically has a modus operandi of engaging in long talks via private messengers with the forum admins with the aim of currying flavor with them and gaining more privileged access to the forum(s).

Stingered was exposed to have done just that in the past with the admins of Board4All and the TIRA forums in order to gain access to exclusive content, before he was banned from the forum for leaking and selling that content elsewhere.

Meanwhile the present status of the Board4All forum and the reasons for the forum being down is summarized in this post (or archived, post 25 here)

Team-IRA Back with a Bang!

The widely popular Information Technology forum site TEAM-IRA which was shut down last week for upgrades has returned back with a huge bang, with a lot more new sections for the benfit of its elite members!

The Team-IRA forum, shortened to TIRA many times in day-to-day speech is the more secret version of the B4A forum where only the BEST OF THE BEST security specialists and professionals are allowed membership to, and where the latest and the best in cutting-edge technology of InfoSec is shared within the four walls of the forum, shrouded in utmost secrecy!

MANY try to gain membership into the forum but only the very best of the best manage to gain entry into that elite forum.

The rest have to find solace in the fact that they at least have access to the much more easier to get in B4A forum, where the quality of content shared (mainly being warez) is far below par of that shared at TIRA.

Of course, the Root Admin (Zeus) owns both the TIRA and the B4A forum.

Entry into the Team IRA forum is strictly by invitation only!

I, tonyweb once used to have membership at TIRA forum, but was kicked out when I started this wordpress site (along with a few other sites) where I now peddle my warez cracks for money 😀

The Root Admin was kind enough to allow me to remain at B4A where I continue to sell my warez cracks.