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Hello everyone!

This is Antonio a.k.a Tonyweb, from Italy here. If you don’t know me then you do not know reverse engineering and you cannot call yourself a reverse engineer! 😛

I am sick and tired of being bossed about in real-life and so I wanna have fun online, which is the main reason why I started this site!

Coming Soon: Cracked Financial Software and Carding Tutorials (Sorry these will not be free 😉 )

You can find me all over the internet, using this alias. Whether it be at tuts4you, Tsrh, Beta-BBS (PhoenixBBS) forum, wherever! I also occasionally use the alias mr.eax.09 and a few others when I feel the need.

I finally got sick of that “DrNil” at the Beta-BBS (Phoenix-BBS) forum who though being just a Moderator, acts as if he owns the whole place not to mention his silly and childish “PSA” notices that he conjures up from time to time. 😀

Seriously, I think that he seems to be high on something all the time to have such an active and paranoid imagination. Thanks to him, the Beta-BBS (PhoenixBBS) forum is now slowly dying out… 🙁

I decided to finally break free of all the forums and start my own portal where I would be able to share and sell my cracks, source code, tutorials related to RE with out any restraints. This is not a business site but hey, it is all hard work and I seek at least a few Euros for my time, hehe…

Most of it will be free but I will charge a small amount for some of the cracks which I took a long time to create. Same for the source code. Some of it will be free of charge but I will need to charge a small amount (say, a few Euros) for the better ones.

I will also crack software for a nominal fee although I will do it free of charge in some cases.

I’ll be releasing exclusive content on a daily basis!

Do not worry so much about the charges. For now I will be posting free cracks and tuts. So bookmark this page and make sure you visit it daily!

You can post your tutorial requests as comments below! I will post them as soon as I can!


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